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Mortgage Education and Mortgage Promissory Note Support Company Offers Mortgage and Note Education To Home Owners With Mortgage Or Foreclosure Problems To Get Rid Of Your Mortgage Lien.

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Mortgage Fraud Exposed – WHO OWNS YOUR HOUSE?

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Those that have completed the 3 phase process have won in court with a quiet title action with an attorney. All 100% of them!

We stress that we are not lawyers nor accountants and do not give legal nor accounting advice.

We are a Mortgage, Note, and Foreclosure Education company and we can and do offer education mortgage and loan information that canget you a Satisfaction of Mortgage in less than 90 days and Mortgage Lien removal within 130 days.

Do Mortgage Satisfaction and Promissory Note Education and SAVE YOUR HOME.

Mortgage education support company offers mortgage and note education for home owners with mortgage or foreclosure problems.

We respect your privacy and will not reveal your personal information to anyone for any reason unless you give us permission to do so and to what extent.

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Here’s what else you’ll discover in our mortgage education manual package that includes all the forms and letters to get the job done…

  • How the banks are getting paid 3 to 5 times the value of your mortgage loan and what you can do about it
  • How you may qualify for a 100% REFUND of the principal and interest you’ve paid on your mortgage to date
  • How to find out if your lender followed the following laws: HUD/FHA, Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, Reg. X § 3500.21(f)2 of the United States Uniform Commercial Code as well as a request under counterfeiting securities under Title 18 USC § 474; Truth In Lending Act [TILA] 15 U.S.C. § 1601-1667j (Full Disclosure at closing); Fair Debt Collections Act, FDCA; Fair Credit Reporting Act, FCRA; U.C.C. – ARTICLE 3 -§3-501 (b) 2 (1); and State Real Estate Mortgage Laws, and what it will mean to you, your family, and your mortgage loan.
  • How to save yourself and your family from being victimized by bank home foreclosure scams or being taken for a ride with a short sale or mortgage loan modification that ruins your credit whether you are behind on payments or under water with your home value by one of the largest bank financial scams in recorded history.
  • And much, much more

Learn mortgage and foreclosure defense strategies that work, so you can fight mortgage and foreclosure fraud.
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Receive a Securitization Audit today for a Special Price of only $2,000 instead of the normal $2,500 on your home that proves Lender/Bank Fraud as soon as the Lender sold and separated your Mortgage/Deed of Trust and your promissory Note, against Federal Law that was endorced (Cashed) and the Lender/Bank got paid in full for your mortgage in case you are in foreclosure and the Servicer Bank want to sue you or take your home illegally thru a fraudulent foreclosure.
Home Mortgage Debt Education Administrative Process is the answer to most homeowner problems, so call today and see if we can help you.
Forget about mortgage loan “Switch and Bate” modifications, short sales, your home worth less than you owe, or foreclosure.

This Notary Administrative Law Judgment cancellation of mortgage debt process works in every State; Yes, even California!
Most home owners don’t know that you Pre-Paid your mortgage when the Lender or Bank closed 2 to 3 days after your closing.
The lender/bank added something called an allonge, an alteration, without your knowledge or consent which changed your Promissory Note into a check loan from you to the lender/bank to pay off the outstanding mortgage and the previous owner if there was equity.
”Alteration” means under UCC § 3-407(i) an unauthorized change in an instrument or promissory note that purports to modify in any respect the obligation of a party, or (ii) an unauthorized addition of words or numbers or other change to an incomplete instrument or promissory note relating to the obligation of a party.

Please see the promissory note allonge or alteration with the arrows on the last mortgage promissory note page below and then you will know it is true also. The endorsement where this new check was cashed would be on the back of this allonged page that shows that your mortgage was PAID-IN-FULL and you don’t owe any money when your promissory note was changed into a check (Money) and was endorsed or cashed by your lender with this along that was never disclosed to you under Federal UCC Laws!

The lender/bank cannot prove that you owe any money, because they don’t have the original blue inked signed promissory note that they changed into a stock or bond certificate and they had to destroy the note under Federal Security Laws.
Since the loan was illegally secularized by being sold, pooled into a trust, and turned into a stock certificate when recorded with the SEC, the alleged holder can no longer claim that it is a real party of interest, as the original lender has been paid in full as proven by the back of the last note page where your Lender/Bank enforced your FREE loan to them.

This is why there are no original blue inked signed notes available for foreclosure, just a counterfeit copy of your note remains that these banks pawn off as the original to the judges and courts to start an illegal foreclosure action against you just on the bank’s say so with no proof of mortgage loan debt.

If your mortgage or deed of trust has been sold or assigned and you’re paying another bank, or even the same bank, your mortgage may have been securitized and no one has the real, original promissory note.

Without that note, no one can foreclose on your home if you confront the PRETENDER Lender or investor who claims they have the note with our proven Educational process on the Private side of the Uniformed Commercial Code of Federal laws.

IN Carpenter v. Longan 16 Wall. 271,83 U.S. 271, 274, 21 L.Ed. 313 (1872), the U.S. Supreme Court stated The note and mortgage are inseparable; the former as essential, the latter as an incident. An assignment of the note carries the mortgage with it, while assignment of the latter alone is a nullity.

Please call Donovan at 818-916-0179 in Southern California if you have any questions about our Mortgage Lien Debt Relief package.

Save Tens or Hundreds of Thousands of dollars in both mortgage debt Principal and Interest with this legal, educational mortgage debt relief rescue services.
Further said, once the Note was converted into a stock certificate, or stock equivalent, as it has been after a time, it is no longer a Note. If both the Note and the stock, or stock equivalent, exist at the same time, that is known as double dipping. Double dipping is a form of securities fraud that the foreclosing banks commit every day.
Once a loan has been securitized, which the aforementioned note had been many times, it forever loses its security component (i.e., the Deed of Trust), and the right to foreclose through the Deed of Trust is forever lost.
But this is how illegal foreclosures are carrried out by your bank with the help of some judges today.

There is no evidence on Record in any State to indicate that the Deed of Trust/Mortgage was ever transferred concurrently with the purported legal transfer of the Promissory Note, such that the Deed of Trust/Mortgage and Note has been irrevocably separated, thus making a nullity out of the purported security in a property Mortgage Loan or Mortgage Debt, as claimed under the Federal Rules of Evidence: Rules 901 & 902.
Just look at your court recorder deed of trust/mortgage that was legally recorded without your promissory note and in most cases without the assignment being recorded. This recording shows that they have been separated and are illegal and our Secularization Audit proves this!

Please call Donovan at 818-916-0179 in Southern California if you have any questions about our Mortgage Lien Debt Relief package.

Below is Larry’s Recorded Mortgage Release from his Satisfaction of Mortgage from his use of our mortgage education note package that shows that his home is now FREE and CLEAR of any mortgage lien.

 With our program you will receive a Securitization Audit on your home that proves Lender/Bank Fraud as soon as the Lender sold your Mortgage/Deed of Trust and your promissory Note, PNote, that was endorced (Cashed) and the Lender/Bank got paid in full for your mortgage and note in case you are in foreclosure and the Servicer Bank wants to sue you or take your home illegally thru a fraudulent foreclosure note that doesn’t exist anymore.

This Administrative Default process manual, letters, and forms are for educational purposes only. Follow this advice at your own risk. It has worked for other people in all States to get a Satisfaction of Mortgage on the public side of the law or go online and search your State Laws yourself. All you need do is enter “Your State name and “Mortgage assignment statute”. Although, no one may know what this Education Administrative process is, because it is new and has worked since March of 2010, but it is advisable to talk to a real estate attorney or a private foreclosure defense attorney familiar with your state laws governing mortgages, notes, and assignments. You may also wish to contact your State Attorney General’s office. In our program, you will be sending the same letters, forms to your State Attorney General, FTC, and other government agencies to ensure that this system is 100% LEGAL.

Please call Donovan at 818-916-0179 in Southern California if you have any questions about our Mortgage Lien Debt Relief package.