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Commercial Lien On All Commercial Mortgage Lien Property Types paid off for a free and clear property to be Released, Extinguished, And Removed at

With the Legal State Licensed Processing of the Mortgage CAP Security Debt Pay Off Note – We Teach You About Mortgage Fraud And How It Affects Foreclosure and Loans at!

Commercial Lien Mortgage Education Seminar Classes with FREE Seminars And Mortgage Lien Removal Tips:

Helping Business Owners Remove Your Commercial Mortgage Lien

We Can Help You Get Rid Of Your Commercial or Residential Mortgage Lien If You Are Under Water, Facing Foreclosure, or current with your payments! With the Legal State Licensed Processing of the Mortgage CAP Security Debt Pay Off Note – We Teach You About Mortgage Fraud And How It Affects Foreclosure and Loans!


“The Nation’s Leading Commercial Property Lien Mortgage Education Seminar Classes And Commercial Mortgage Lien REMOVAL Company”logo-commerciallien1-300x300

Larry from Illinois
said, This is the Greatest Debt removal and pay off process that I have ever used and my proof of satisfaction is here.” after recently using our Mortgage Education and
Commercial Lien Removal Education package that got him a Satisfaction of
Commercial Property Lien Mortgage and Corrective Warranty Deed under
Federal UCC law, that proves this system works in every State!

When you are in Commercial Property Lien Mortgage Foreclosure and going to lose your commercial property or stuck with an underwater negative value commercial property, if you do not take action today, you’ll be paying thousands of dollars of needless money to who you think is your lender and your attorney for doing nothing except prolong
your current situation. We pull no punches helping you with commercial
and residential mortgage relief.
Commercial Lien On All Commercial Lien Mortgage Property Types Extinguished And Removed
This is what Day Global, LLC’s Commercial Lien Mortgage Foreclosure Help Experts can DO FOR YOU.

1. Eliminate your mortgage altogether!
2. Pay off for a free and clear home or commercial property with a CAP Security.
3. Reduce your stress with a 14-day processing time.
4. Erase negative commercial property items off your Business Credit Reports.
5. Allow you to help other commercial property owners.
6. Help get your mortgage lien released for a free and clear property
with a LON Security Processing with a company that is Legally State Licensed to process the CAP Securities Legal Documents that all banks have accepted and is a powerful and proven legal process under Federal and all States Law.

Example: You are paying $12,200 monthly on a
Commercial Property mortgage on a $1,000,000 retail office or other types
of commercial loan. Our process may be able to get your office retail
loan free and clear after you use our service and do your due diligence.

At the beginning of our process, you’ll need to get a current commercial property mortgage market appraisal and analysis and say the appraisal comes in at $650,000 for the true, current value of your
commercial property. This is what your property is worth now, today.

After our Commercial Lien mortgage help or foreclosure help, you should have a $520,000 Positive equity in your property; your commercial mortgage lien has been terminated through a positive evidence of fraud,
and a little-known court procedure; your commercial property foreclosure has been stopped and eliminated; PLUS your Business and Personal Credit Rating shoots up overnight.

We just made YOU $520,000 POSITIVE equity where you had none, $0.00 before, and gave you a great business and sometimes personal credit rating again!

What about the other $480,000 out of the Million that you don’t have to pay? Yes, Day Global, LLC has saved you that too.

What about the high-interest rate you no longer need to pay on a $1,000,000 commercial loan? Yes, Day Global, LLC, saved you that amount also with NO MORE MONTHLY PAYMENTS.

Actually, Day Global, LLC just made you approximately $2,884,000 with our commercial lien mortgage foreclosure help and we may barter the back end result for a monthly percentage of your property value with no 10 % to 20% fee as we would normally charge after we help you clear your commercial lien.!!!

Would you like to make that kind of real money in about 6 months on your commercial property???

If you are a commercial property or business owner with a Mortgage, please complete the simple form to the right top of this page for any questions or concerns you may have on our process, and let’s get started today.

The first phase is similar but different with a twist under U.C.C.
Article 3 and State statutes. This process gets you a Satisfaction of
mortgage and a presented dishonor from your Lender.

The second phase Commercial Securitization Audit proves that your lender does not have legal standing to foreclose on your commercial property and affidavit evidence that will hold up in any State court.

The Commercial Lien Associate Representative position lets you help other commercial property owners get rid of their mortgages due to bank and lender fraud, pretty much like a residential home mortgage.

Being an AR is very lucrative when you want to specialize in commercial lien properties.

Please let us know your thoughts.


This may be your only chance, so invest now before your home or business property is foreclosed.


If you have a Home or Condo with a mortgage lien or you’re in foreclosure, we provide home mortgage relief also at:

“Filed Under Commercial Mortgage Lien Pay Off with the CAP Security, Legal Process, Commercial Liens Mortgage Education Seminars, And Commercial Mortgage Foreclosure Help Training Support Company”

When you want Home Mortgage Lien Removal, whether you are in
foreclosure or just Underwater, with your home value less than what you
owe, please go to Home Mortgage Foreclosure Relief

Please STEP INSIDE For this Powerful Commercial Mortgage Lien Removal Administrative Process, Securitization Audit Info, and you’ll discover…

Learn How the banks are getting paid for your commercial mortgage loan through illegal Securitization, just like the banks do with Residential Home Mortgage Loans and what you can do about their fraud.

Did you know that your lender is making up to 30 times your alleged commercial mortgage loan?

How you may qualify for a 100% REFUND of the principal and the interest you’ve paid on your commercial mortgage lien to date and MORE…

Commercial Lien Mortgage Loan Organization

The following is a descriptive passage, *with add-ins information to
clarify how the commercial lien mortgage loan really works, from the
“Borrower Guide to CMBS” published by the Commercial Mortgage Securities
Association and the Mortgage Banker’s Association

Commercial real estate first mortgage debt is generally broken down into two basic

  • (1) Commercial Lien Mortgage Loans to be Securitized (“CMBS loans”), just like home mortgage loans, and
  • (2) Portfolio Loans Kept In-House Commercial Lien Mortgage Loans.

Portfolio loans are originated by a lender and held on its balance sheet through maturity.

In a CMBS transaction, many single commercial lien mortgage loans of varying size, property type, and location are pooled together and transferred to a commercial trust. (Just like Residential Home Loans)

The trust issues a series of bonds that may vary in yield, duration, and payment priority.

Nationally recognized rating agencies then assign credit ratings to
the various bond classes ranging from investment grade (AAA/Aaa through
BBB-/Baa3) to below investment grade (BB+/Ba1 through B-/B3) and an
an unrated class which is subordinate to the lowest rated bond class.

Investors choose which CMBS commercial bonds to purchase based on the level of credit risk/yield/duration that they seek.

Each month the interest received from all of the pooled commercial loans is paid to the investors and their certificate bondholders starting with those investors holding the highest rated bonds until all accrued interest on those commercial bonds is paid.

Then interest is paid to the commercial bondholders of the next
highest rated bonds and so on down the line. The same thing occurs with
the principal as payments are received.

This sequential commercial lien mortgage payment structure is generally referred to as the “waterfall” or “windfall”.

If there is a shortfall in contractual loan payments from the Borrowers or if the commercial loan collateral is liquidated and does not generate sufficient proceeds to meet payments on all bond classes, the investors in the most subordinate bond class will incur a loss with
further losses impacting more senior classes in reverse order of priority.

The typical structure for the securitization of commercial real estate loans is a Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit (REMIC).

A REMIC is a creation, by banks, of the federal tax law that allows
the commercial Lien Mortgage Loans, The Mortgage and Note, sold to the bank trust to be a pass-through entity which is not subject to tax at the trust level.


The CMBS transaction is structured and priced based on the assumption that it will not be subject to tax with respect to its activities; therefore, compliance with REMIC regulations is essential. In other words, the commercial lien mortgage trust is tax-exempt from the IRS, just like a church…, but the commercial trust is far from being religious.

CMBS has become an attractive capital source for commercial mortgage lending because the bonds backed by a pool of loans are generally worth
more than the sum of the value of the whole loan.

The enhanced liquidity and structure of CMBS attract a broader range of investors to the commercial mortgage market.

This value creation effect allows commercial property loans intended
for securitization to be aggressively priced, benefiting Borrowers.

Sometimes in the Portfolio loans that are originated by the commercial lien mortgage lender to be held on the Lending Bank’s balance sheet through maturity are SECRETLY sold and securitized in the private
sector directly to mostly a government entity such as Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and Ginny Mae just like some lenders do with the commercial lien counterpart, the Residential Home Mortgage Lien sector. Only a
Securitization Audit can confirm the bank fraud and securitization.

First, a Word about Securitization and Foreclosure of Commercial Lien Mortgages and Promissory Notes:

Parties attempting to foreclose a commercial lien securitized loan are often not legally entitled to do so (they are not the real parties of interest and have no standing to foreclose or have lost the original Promissory Note, Note, and Commercial Deed of Trust or Commercial Mortgage from the original Lender), and can be challenged on several fronts. Tracking what happens to the commercial promissory note, Note, and the commercial deed of trust or commercial mortgage during the securitization process will expose the problems, fraud, mismanagement, and/or Commercial Lien Mortgage Loan issues.

Proper Commercial Lien Securitization:

When a Commercial loan is securitized, it is bundled with other Commercial Mortgage loans and ends up in a Trust, whose shares are sold to investors just like the Residential mortgage loans are (The Note is
turned into a Bond or stock certificate and sold to Certificate or Bondholders of the Investor. To achieve the goals of the securitization, and to avoid double taxation, a Commercial loan must follow an exact
process with a fixed period of time like your home.

This process requires that there are true sales and an unbroken chain of recorded assignments between all parties in the process much like the residential process and that all loans enter the Trust by the
Closing date, which is like a steel door that CANNOT be opened after the closing date.

The problem is that the banks do not follow their own PSA rules and commit fraud against your home on a commercial property mortgage lien.

Be Commercial Mortgage lien FREE Due To Lender Fraud and Wrongful Securitization!

Simple Legal, Commercial Mortgage Lien Killer Process almost always gets your Commercial Real Estate Mortgage FREE within 1 year, even if you’re in foreclosure.

We Help You Prevent Commercial Mortgage Foreclosure In Many Cases!
Just imagine if you could hire a Commercial Mortgage Lien Killer to help you get your commercial lien removed for a free and clear property and have no more mortgage payments on your commercial property and prevent
Commercial Mortgage Foreclosure within the average time of one year from signup, would you do it? Now you can!!

PREVENT COMMERCIAL MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE AND KEEP YOUR COMMERCIAL PROPERTY – STOP Foreclosure in its tracks or get out from an Under Water Commercial Mortgage And Own Your Commercial Mortgaged Property Free & Clear within the year.

Commercial Mortgage Property owners may get your Commercial Mortgage,
Lien Free, by using this Commercial Mortgage Killer method whether your
commercial property is in foreclosure, underwater value, or you just
want to be mortgage FREE.

YOU TOO may KEEP Your Under Valued Property, Commercial Mortgage Property, STOP Foreclosure, Legally STOP Making Commercial Mortgage
Payments, Own YOUR Commercial Mortgage real estate, and Keep Your Commercial Property, FREE and CLEAR due to improper Securitization and Lender Fraud.

Commercial Mortgage Lien

Release and Removal Information.

Phase One, Commercial Notary Administrative package that is legal
and binding evidence under Federal UCC Article 3, Sections 501 through
505 is a one time fee of $5,000, your Green Special price is only $2500 for a very limited time. The value is $15,550.

The phase two, Commercial securitization audit proves the fraud that
the mortgage and note have been separated under Federal Law and the
chain of title has been broken by non-recorded true sales or assignments
is $4,850 with a normal retail price of $10,000. The value is $35,000.

Have You Paid Off Your Commercial Lien Mortgage Loan? Want Proof Of Your Mortgage Pay Off For The Court?

Commercial Lien International Promissory Note, CIPN, Pays Commercial Lien Mortgage Debts

The Commercial Lien International Promissory Note, CIPN, pays off any
Commercial Lien mortgage debt and consists of 10 legal documents
besides the IPN itself such as:

An affidavit, UCC1, UCC3, check security paper to print the CIPN on, Accepted for Value form, COL Form, Set-Off Notice, etc.

This process takes less than 120 days or 4 months to complete with
your cooperation and the process is done for you. You will only need to
do the minimum amount of work, mostly mailings and notarization.

The Commercial Lien IPN is legal tender for payment of all Mortgage
debts and works under the UNITED NATIONS Convention, International law,
the U.C.C. laws, the United States laws, and your State Constitutional
laws the same as the mortgage promissory note security negotiable

This Commercial Lien International Promissory Note, CIPN, is well worth the price of your Commercial Property.

The IPN has worked to pay off a mortgage, an auto loan, a $57,957.88
IRS tax debt, and is the only way you can pay your Commercial Lien
mortgage without using your own money under the HJR 192 United States
bankruptcy (Strawman) law of 5 June 1933, and the United Nations

This legal way to pay off your Commercial Lien mortgage debt has been hidden from the American Public for over 79 Years!

For a limited time Commercial Lien Property Owner, when you order
today, Your investment is only a $10,000 ONE-TIME payment or $12,000 in
three monthly payments of $4,000 each and your Commercial property is

***NOTE***: You will not receive your CIPN to pay off your debt until
all monthly payments are made if you choose the payment plan.

Your investment is only $10,000 for each International Promissory
Note Payoff, but well worth the price of your commercial property.

Call today, right now and get started today to pay off your
Commercial Property using your lawful, legal right of set-off and
rescission of debt under International, Federal, and State laws for this
limited low price.

Order your Commercial Lien Mortgage Debt Bailout CIPN and pay off any
commercial mortgage lien now! It even stops foreclosure dead in its

This International Promissory Note is worth the price of your Commercial Property up to 20 Million Dollars.

I’m Looking forward to working with you!
Don’t Delay, Decide Today, because tomorrow…it may be too late!

David Young de God

NOTE: We stress that we are neither lawyers, attorneys, accountants, nor government agents and do not give legal nor accounting advice. We help homeowners that have mortgage or foreclosure problems. When you are in foreclosure and going to lose your home if you do not take action or stuck with an underwater negative value home, we pull no punches helping you with mortgage Relief. E-Mail: [email protected]

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